The Text Analysis and Machine Learning Group

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Council Room (SITE 5-084)

Fall 2016

Sept 15, 1:30pm
Saif Mohammad

Metaphor as a Medium for Emotion: An Empirical Study

Sept 22, 1:30pm
Romualdo Alves Pereira
Brazilian Space Agency and University of Ottawa

Evaluating the Evolution of Personality, Sentiment, Emotion and Life Values in Letters or Chronological Documents

Sept 28, 1:30pm
Unusual day
Sylvie Ratte and Ruben Dorado
Ecole de technologie superieure, Montreal

Semisupervised Text Classification Using Unsupervised Topic Information

Oct 6, 1:30pm
Harry Guo

Deep reinforcement learning: from playing video games to generating natural text

Oct 13, 1:30pm
Svetlana Kiritchenko

Capturing Reliable Fine-Grained Sentiment Associations by Crowdsourcing and Best-Worst Scaling

Oct 20, 1:30pm
Xiaodan Zhu

Distraction-Based Neural Networks for Modeling Documents

Nov 3, 1:30pm
Gabor Lugosi
Pompeu Fabra University

Finding Adam in randomly growing trees

Nov 10, 1pm
Marie-Josee Hamel, Nikolay Slavkov, Dingwen Xiao, and Diana Inkpen
University of Ottawa

MyAnnotator: An Error Annotation Tool for Language Teachers

Nov 17, 1:30pm
Yongyi Mao
University of Ottawa

On Hyper-Parameter Estimation in Empirical Bayes: A Revisit of the MacKay Algorithm

Nov 24, 1:30pm
Marina Sokolova
University of Ottawa and
Institute for Big Data Analytics, Dalhousie University

Multi-Labelled Learning and Social Mining

Dec 8, 1pm
Ehsan Amjadian
Carleton University

Local-Global Vectors to Improve Unigram Terminology Extraction