DATE: Thu, Mar 2, 2017
TIME: 1:30 pm
TITLE: The Open Knowledge Extraction Challenge for the Semantic Web
University of Ottawa

DBpedia represents one of the main hubs of the linked open data cloud and is increasingly used as a backbone for several knowledge extraction and enrichment tasks such as semantic annotation and information retrieval. In fact, the Semantic Web requires the development of techniques that both exploit current knowledge bases and enrich them using unstructured sources. In this talk, I will present our participation to the Open Knowledge Extraction challenge at the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2016, with this particular focus in mind. Our two systems, in collaboration with Polytechnique Montreal, were the winning systems in the entity typing and linking task (task 2) and in the semantic annotation task (task 1). In both tasks, DBpedia was used as the reference knowledge base. I will conclude with a discussion on some of DBpedia limitations and our current work to overcome some of these issues.